ALPS® Anterior Posterior Tapered Liner


ALPS' Anterior Posterior Tapered prosthetic liner made of HD Gel is designed with a 6 mm anterior and a 3 mm posterior thickness to reduce bunching in the popliteal region and provide a high level of protection to bony areas.


Product Description

By combining a high density gel with a limited vertical stretch fabric, this liner minimizes soft tissue movement and reduces vertical pistoning, offering a high level of control of the prosthetic leg.

The 6 mm anterior wall ensures a high level of protection for bony areas.

Key Benefits

Reduces pistoning thanks to the fabric's limited vertical stretch and the distal matrix (locking version).


Protects the residual limb thanks to the high capacity of the HD Gel to absorb vertical and shear forces.

Protects bony areas with its 6 mm anterior wall thickness.

Great freedom of movement thanks to the 3 mm posterior thickness.

Minimizes soft tissue movement and provides superior control of the prosthetic leg by combining High Density Gel with a limited vertical stretch fabric.

Technical Details

Anterior Posterior Tapered Liner


The relatively firm nature of the HD Gel combines comfort with control and stability. Best for use on highly active patients or those who are transitioning from a silicone liner to a gel liner.

20-23 cm APDT20-TP APFR20-TP
24-25 cm APDT24-TP APFR24-TP
26-27 cm APDT26-TP APFR26-TP
28-31 cm APDT28-TP APFR28-TP
32-37 cm APDT32-TP APFR32-TP

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