BioStep EVO

Ready for the next adventure.

The most performing among the BioStep Family. An all-around foot, with extra shock absorption and increased safety on all terrains, providing a softer connection to the ground.

Suggested for demanding dynamic users searching for the best. Ideal also for hiking and trekking, as well for recreational sport and high impact activities.

Natural, responsive, gently supportive.

Benefits & Features


Technical Details

Key Benefits

BioStep EVO
BioStep EVO
Physiological and energy efficient gait
BioStep EVO
Low maintenance
BioStep EVO
Smooth rollover during the whole gait cycle
BioStep EVO
High dynamic response to support an active lifestyle
BioStep EVO
Possibility to do a wide range of activities with just one single foot
BioStep EVO
Ground compliance and stability on all terrains
BioStep EVO
Reduction of secondary issues thanks to a more balanced posture and symmetrical gait

Key Features

NRG Technology™




Dynamic Calf and Shin


Split Toe


Range of Motion 26°


Axial Rotation 12°


Increased Shock Absorption

Technical Details

Product Code Example

BSEVO 25 L/R 42

Max User Weight

22 249lb 225lb 198lb
23-24 275lb 249lb 225lb
25-30 348lb 324lb 275lb

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